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About Sri Jain

The story started about four decades ago, when there was a thought in the mind of Late Shri Brijlal Jain, the founder of the company, about a formulation for Diabetes. He started giving the medicine free of cost to Diabetic patients, by conducting free camps in his own style. He used to collect the verbal opinions and appreciations from the consumers and continued to conduct free medical camps for Diabetes. The beneficiaries of this, have stressed for the release of this product into the market for the benefit of the patients, who cannot come to the camp due to financial and physical problems, instead they can purchase the product at the nearest medical store.

This has led to think about introducing the product to the market as "MADHUMARDAN" (Madhu refers - Madhu Meha i.e. Diabetes& Mardan i.e. grinding). On 22nd June 1992 a press meet was called to launch Madhumardan and also to aware the suffering Diabetics, about this product to benefit themselves. Thus, Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy launched its first product Madhumardan and after its success other products like N.J.Forte, Pain off Oil, Pain Off Tablets, Femitab, Janodine etc. were introduced which also got tremendous response and Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy became a leading player in the market.

Based in Hyderabad, Sri Jain Ayurvedic Pharmacy manufactures result oriented Ayurvedic medicines. Our main objective is to create awareness of our unique products in every nook and corner. Since our products are promoted ethically, they are well accepted by the medical practitioners/specialists both in Ayurvedic and Allopathic field.