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Jovan White Musk for Men
Jovan Sex Appeal
Jovan White Musk for Women
Jovan Men Deodorant Sex Appeal
Jovan Musk Women Deodorant Body Spray - Black Musk

About Jovan

Spray the Jovan Musk and turn into a girls’ magnet. This Jovan men’s cologne makes for a sexy scent by complementing your body’s natural chemistry. This Jovan men’s fragrance is an intoxicating blend of exotic spices and woody scents that is hard to ignore. Add to it the sensuousness offered by the musk and this Jovan men’s cologne makes you simply irresistible. The powerful-persuasive combination of the Jovan Musk will turn on your girl without you even trying to. So don this Jovan men’s fragrance and make every moment a passionate one!